Our freshly baked bread arrives directly on your table, wherever you are.

And that's not all: on our ecommerce you'll find Sunalle guttiau bread, snacks and the Wellness line of special bread.

via Ogliastra 10
08023 Fonni (NU)

T. +39 0784 589268
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Sunalle’s organic pane carasau is the perfect ingredient for vegan recipes, because it is made without recourse to pesticides or chemical fertilisers, with a view to safeguarding our natural resources....

When you go to a Sardinian restaurant, the thing everyone looks forward to the most is the antipasto. Or rather, a mixed antipasti sampler, a range of artfully prepared delicacies that offers the ideal way to enjoy the island’s finest offerings from land and sea...

Soak two sheets of gluten-free pane carasau and lay them out for a few minutes to soften. Roll some baking parchment into a ball and fold the pane carasau in half with the ball in the middle. ...

moisten the sheets of pane guttiau under running water then lay them out flat on a plate and leave to soften. For each spring roll, place a generous spoonful of the fried vegetables on a single sheet of pane guttiau. Roll the bread around the...

“Scricchiole”, crisp, bite-sized shards of pane guttiau, make the perfect snack to enjoy with an aperitif. But why not try this recipe for a spicy sauce to make them even better?...

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