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Carasau Flat-Bread
Il pane carasau è il pane tipico della Sardegna, conosciuto anche come carta musica, per il suono croccante che produce a ogni morso.
pane carasau, carta musica
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Carasau Flat-Bread



Considered one of the most ancient breads in the world, pane carasau is a traditional Sardinian flatbread that was first produced in the Barbagia region. In Italian, it is also known as carta da musica, which means “sheet music” – it was given this alternative name due to the sound it makes when it is broken and chewed.


Pane carasau embodies the true essence of the Italian island of Sardinia. It expresses the character of an austere but hospitable people, who remain dignified even during tough times. The origins of pane carasau have been lost in the mists of time – just like those of the nuraghi [the island’s ancient stone towers] – though some people claim that it emerged out of the culture of North Africa.
It is certain that Sardinia’s shepherds, during the long periods they would spend far from home, knew they could count on practically unlimited stocks of this light, nutritious and easy-to-store foodstuff, which would not go off any time soon. They affectionately referred to it as the “prince of foods”.


It is a flatbread that all of the local families prepared in large quantities, at regular intervals, and would store in beautiful chests, even for long periods, as a priceless treasure – one that, today, thanks to Sunalle, is in everyone’s reach, its traditional goodness intact.



Pane carasau – which in the local dialect is called sa cotta – is made using a four-stage process: preparation of the dough; proofing; baking; and carasatura, the stage that gives its name to the flatbread and involves a second baking to toast it.


The dough used for pane carasau is made from a few, simple ingredients: twice-milled durum wheat flour, water, salt and yeast. Proofing is essential to enable pre-leavening; at the end of this process, the dough is cut in such a way as to allow the first stage of working to be carried out, which sees it being kneaded, before the second leavening begins, after which we have the semi-finished product, known as pane lentu.


The sheets of dough are carefully separated and then piled up before being toasted in the oven. Thanks to the simplicity of the ingredients and the particular nature of its preparation, pane carasau supplies a high level of dietary energy, as well as large amounts of protein, vitamins and mineral salts.



Our painstaking selection of ingredients gives rise to high-quality products that are the fruit of our use of ancient local recipes, along with the input of expert personnel and the close monitoring of the production process. The ingredients we use are purchased, for the most part, in Sardinia, and all from suppliers selected on the basis of strict health and hygiene standards and rigid quality controls.


The masterful combination of durum wheat flour, yeast, salt, water, olive oil and spices is carried out in accordance with methods handed down across the generations, and gives rise to a result that is entirely traditional. A leading name in the production of pane carasau and pane guttiau Sardinian flatbreads, Sunalle offers a range of products designed to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding customer base.


Thanks to the passion of those at the helm, the quality of our work, the specialised expertise of our personnel and the ongoing checks conducted on the entire production process, the company has been awarded significant certifications that are internationally recognised by independent bodies. IFS food standard certification and organic certification demonstrate our constant commitment towards guaranteeing the highest possible quality standard to our customers.